James Hardie Cement Boards

Help prevent underlayment mold and moisture damage in wet areas by installing HardieFlex Cement Board . You’ll get superior performance with a limited lifetime warranty.

Damp areas, such as bathrooms and kitchens, require high-performance products. Choosing HardieFlex cement board will help ensure that these high-traffic spaces are protected when they get wet.

Ideally, ceilings should be quick to install, practical and effective at meeting your design standards. HardieFlex® ceilings are smooth, flat sheets that create a seamless look used not just on internal residential or commercial applications, but also on eaves and soffits.

HardieFlex® ceilings offer a cost-effective and practical alternative to plywood and plasterboard. It adds character and detail to a room since it works well with different finishes.


HardieFlex® Ceilings offers these features and benefits:

  • Durable enough to withstand varying weather conditions giving you peace of mind
  • Resistant to damage caused by fire, moisture damage, and termites when installed and maintained as detailed in our installation guide
  • Eco-friendly using only sustainable and plentiful raw materials
  • Practical to use since it’s faster to install and works on different finishes giving you more design flexibility


Available Sizes:

2412mm x 1200 x 4.5 mm – 2412mm x 1200 x 6.0 mm – 2412 mm x 1200 x 9 mm